No idea is original…But true inspiration is impossible to fake

That’s why we take the time to ensure that every De la David piece you purchase has an identifying system to enable you to authenticate your purchase and trace it right back to our hands when we created it.

We spend a lot of hard work and precious time in creating each De la David piece and we want to provide our customers with the confidence that what they are purchasing is actually a product of that hard work, time, and energy.

How It Works

Each De la David piece has an issue number to indicate the order in which it was created

Some pieces will be one of one productions, some will be limited edition productions, and some will be on going productions. Regardless of the production category, each piece will clearly indicate its proper position in the appropriate category.


Each De la David piece has a unique PIN, which is a Product Identification Number, that enables the buyer to register the piece and validate themselves as the current owner on

Think of this as a way to track every piece we create. It’s sort of like a social security number for your fine art with a resale tracking system similar to your automobile’s VIN (vehicle identification number).

De la David PIN’s can only be validated by one person at a time which is designed to prevent the same PIN from being used more than once. The PINs associated to any piece of art can be viewed online at any time to confirm the validation and the current owner.

Validate your De la David artwork here.


Purchased De la David pieces can be transferred to new owners if the current owner decides to resell the artwork

If the buyer which is currently listed as the owner of the piece of art wishes to sell or donate the piece to someone else, the new buyer must submit a transfer registration form and De la David will contact the original owner to verify the transfer. The current buyer can also submit a transfer registration form and De la David will contact the new buyer to confirm the transfer.

Transfer your De la David artwork here.

Now when you buy a De la David piece you can register it on our website and interact with other fellow owners of the same piece as well as prove your piece’s authenticity easily and conveniently