How To Display An Entire Picture/Image On Instagram

How To Display An Entire Picture/Image On Instagram

InstagramAfter searching high and low for the correct size to make sure an entire picture is visible under Instagram’s strenuous square picture format I stumbled upon a few tricks.

If you want to resize your images on your computer using photoshop or another photo editing program all you have to do is resize them to 600 x 600 pixels. I haven’t tried any other equal sizing combination but I do know that 600 x 600 works like a charm.

But let’s say you are already on your phone and you want to display an entire image on Instagram and the crop just won’t let you…wellllll another neat trick I found on YouTube is to open the image in your gallery and turn your phone sideways to the landscape view. Then simply take a screenshot and rotate the new screenshot image to the right and upload it to Instagram and wahla you’re full image is now displayed.


If you know of any other neat Instagram tricks let us know below in the c-section

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