The POWER To Create

The POWER To Create

Art As artists, we are driven by our artistic expression and the ability to express ourselves creatively and artistically. Life We believe that life is truly all around us. Life is in the air your breathe, it’s in the blood in your vein, it’s in the ability to think. Everything that is living is powered by life. Therefore as artists, we make art as an expression to interpret the life around us and to motivate ourselves and everyone effected by […]

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Bridgeport Arts Fest Recap

Bridgeport Arts Fest Recap

The City of Bridgeport put on an amazing event on Saturday, July 7, 2012 in Downtown Bridgeport, CT at the McLevy Green Park to showcase local artists and performers and their talents, abilities, and work. The Bridgeport Arts Fest was in its 3rd year this year and had over 100 vendors and the largest turn out from the local community ever. We actually JUST made the deadline to submit our vendor’s application and we’re so thankful we did because the […]

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